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Customized showcase and online store websites

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custom websites creation

Today, in an increasingly connected world, every action, whether it’s going to a restaurant, making purchases, or planning an activity, often begins with a search on Google. Whether it’s to get an idea of prices, check customer reviews, or verify a company’s reputation, the list of reasons why people turn to the internet is long and varied.

That’s why it has become essential for any business to have an online presence in the form of a website. Imagine your website as a digital storefront, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and accessible to a global audience. No more geographical limitations or restrictive opening hours. Your website thus becomes a powerful tool to increase your visibility, attract new customers, and strengthen your reputation.

In addition to providing a showcase for your products or services, a professional website can also help improve your brand image and effectively communicate with your target audience. It represents a unique opportunity to stand out from the competition and position yourself as a major player in your field of activity.


🌍 Visibility:

A website is a storefront open 24/7 worldwide, allowing everyone to discover your business, products, and services at any time. We offer translation for maximum visibility among your international customers.

🔒 Credibility:

Having a well-designed, professional, and secure website establishes a relationship of trust with your visitors from the first contact, thus facilitating conversions and increasing customers.

🤝🏻 Interaction:

Strengthen relationships and retain customers by sharing testimonials from previous clients to reassure new users. Add an FAQ section to address frequently asked questions and a chatbot, which is highly appreciated currently.

📣 Marketing:

It’s a powerful marketing tool: optimize SEO for search engine ranking, use newsletters to retain and increase conversions, and use  advertisements to accelerate conversion generation.

Customized services to attract new clients, strengthen your credibility, and stand out from the competition!

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We offer an analysis of your website so you can unlock its full potential.

  • A detailed overview of performance,
  • Identification of weaknesses and improvement opportunities,
  • Optimization advice.

To get it, simply fill out the form below, and we’ll send you your analysis.

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Collaborating with us offers many advantages

🎓 Expertise

Our team has in-depth expertise and solid experience in the field of digital marketing.

🎯 Custom Strategies

We develop personalized strategies that meet your specific needs and your objectives.

⭐ Quality Services

We provide high-quality services with a special focus on your satisfaction.

📊 Transparency

We communicate openly and keep you regularly informed of the progress of your project.

📈 Results

Our goal is to achieve measurable results and contribute to the growth of your business.

🤝 Partnership

We consider you a partner and work with you to achieve your goals.

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custom showcase website

The Basic package is designed for those seeking a simple and effective solution for their online presence. With this package, you’ll get a professional website including up to 5 essential categories such as home, about, blog, and more. With a responsive design, your site will be accessible on all devices, ensuring an optimal user experience. Seamless integration of social media will keep your audience connected to your content, while connection to Google Analytics and Google Search Console will provide valuable data to track your site’s performance. Ideal for entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to start their online presence professionally and affordably.

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The Business package is specially designed for ambitious entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to fully leverage their online presence. In addition to enjoying all the benefits of the Basic package, this package offers in-depth market analysis to help you better understand your audience and competitors. With up to 10 categories, you have greater flexibility to showcase your business and services. Keyword research and SEO optimization ensure better visibility on search engines, while responsive design ensures a seamless user experience across all devices. By integrating social media and connecting to Google Analytics and Google Search Console, this package allows you to track and optimize your online strategy effectively. Ideal for growing entrepreneurs seeking to maximize their impact in the digital market.

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custom online store

The Premium package offers a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to stand out in the digital world. Tailored to the needs of complex online stores and showcase websites, this package includes all the elements necessary to create a robust and high-performing online presence. In addition to the features offered in the previous packages, the Premium package offers in-depth market analysis for a more targeted strategy. Implementation of the payment system enables a seamless shopping experience for your customers, while integration of categories and products simplifies the management of your online store. Keyword research and SEO optimization ensure increased visibility, while responsive design ensures an exceptional user experience across all devices. By integrating social media and connecting to Google Analytics and Google Search Console, this package provides you with the tools needed to track and optimize your online presence. Ideal for businesses looking to establish themselves as leaders in their digital market.

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The creation of a website is a crucial step for any business looking to thrive in today’s digital environment. A well-designed and optimized website can make all the difference in terms of visibility, credibility, and engagement with your audience. By opting for one of our website creation packages, you’ll benefit from a tailored solution adapted to your specific needs, ensuring a professional and effective online presence.

But our commitment to your success doesn’t stop there. To complement your offering, we also provide monthly or one-shot SEO management services. Our SEO packages are designed to maximize the visibility of your website on search engines, increase organic traffic, and improve your ranking. With customized strategies and advanced techniques, we help you achieve your online goals in a sustainable and cost-effective way.

Discover our SEO packages and let us help you propel your website to new heights of online success.

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Expand Your Reach, Reach New Markets

You’re looking to expand your online presence into new markets? As part of our website creation and modification service, we offer you the flexibility to reach diverse audiences by adding multilingual versions to your site.

Whether you’re targeting English, Spanish, French, Bosnian, or Croatian markets, we’ve got you covered. We understand that a simple translation of content may not be enough to effectively engage new markets. That’s why we offer two approaches:

1. Simple Translation: We can translate your existing content into the desired languages, ensuring linguistic accuracy and cultural sensitivity. This option is perfect for maintaining consistency across languages while expanding your reach. It’s ideal for businesses looking to enable their foreign visitors to browse their website in their own language. For instance, this option would be a perfect fit for tourist attractions, restaurants, cafes, etc.

2. Translation with Target Market Analysis: For a more personalized approach, we analyze the new market and create new content tailored to each target market. This includes crafting unique messages and using specific keywords for each language and region. By incorporating local nuances and cultural references, we ensure that your website resonates with your target audience and ranks well in local search results. This option is for businesses looking to expand their operations into new markets.

Additionally, each multilingual version comes with its own SEO optimization. We optimize metadata, keywords, and page elements to maximize visibility and relevance in each target market. This targeted approach enhances the discoverability of your website and generates organic traffic from various language backgrounds.

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